How Do You Use Posh Chalk Pigments?

How Do You Use Posh Chalk Pigments?


Posh Chalk Pigments come in a variety of lustrous colours and can be mixed with paint, resin and top coat sealers. For best results, use the Posh Chalk Pigments Infusor:

– Add your pigments first, then add the infusor bit by bit

– Thoroughly mix with a stirrer or paint brush

– If you make too much, store in an airtight container

– Suitable for outdoor use when mixed with the Posh Chalk Infusor.




Posh Chalk Pigments are ideal for use on just about any surface including wood, metal, glass and even fabric! If you’re using Posh Chalk Pigments on fabric, it really couldn’t be simpler:

– Mix your Posh Chalk Pigments as you would normally

– A thicker consistency is better for use on fabric

– If the fabric is a loose weave it may be an idea to use a chalk, acryllic or fabric paint as a base.

– Apply Posh Chalk Pigments as desired with a brush or roller


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