Shereena Starmer the UK distributor for Posh Chalk

The news is out! Shereena Starmer of is now the official UK distributor for Posh Chalks. She’s a huge fan of Posh Chalk products and is very excited for this new area of work.

As always Posh Chalk UK are looking for new stockists for our high quality and super versatile products… if you are interested please check out our online form here:

Shereena is a great fit for Posh Chalk UK as she is passionate about embracing creativity in the home and has been helping customers create and own unique pieces of furniture since 2013!

She is based in Burton town in the Shabby Nook Studio and serves Posh Chalk products to suppliers across the UK.

For more information on Shereena Starmer and her furniture painting business journey you can visit her website


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